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Applying for insurance

You can apply for insurance once you have received an affirmative grant decision.

You can apply for MYEL insurance once you have received an affirmative grant decision and have already begun or are about to begin your grant work.

If your grant work is due to begin the following year, you can apply for MYEL insurance no earlier than mid-November.

Insurance can be issued for the current or previous calendar year based on the date on which the application was received. Please note that the insurance premium for a retroactive insurance period is payable immediately. Further information about insurance premiums and invoicing is available here: Premiums.

Multiple grants

If you have been awarded multiple grants, you must submit a separate insurance application for each grant.

Under certain conditions it is possible to add a new grant to an existing insurance policy. Further information: Adding a new grant to an existing insurance policy.

Apply for insurance

  1. Apply for insurance

    You can apply for insurance for grant recipients

    Instructions for filling in application form.

  2. Fill in and sign your insurance application and send it to Mela

    If you filled in an application form on paper, you can send it to us

You can use the same form to apply for voluntary leisure-time accident insurance.

Report an injury or impairment using the claim form (Claim form, 7062e). Read the instructions for how to fill in the form under Applying for insurance.

One application form is usually sufficient

In principle, you are only required to fill in one application form without any additional attachments or clarifications.

Mela obtains notification of the grant that has been awarded to you directly from the body that awarded you the grant. We usually receive this notification when payment of the grant begins.

Situations in which one application form is not sufficient:

  • Your grant work will take place partially or entirely outside of Finland
    • To remain covered by the Finnish social security system, submit an application for an A1 certificate from the Finnish Centre for Pensions (EU, ETA and countries with bilateral social security agreements with Finland) or Kela (other countries). Further information: Working abroad on a grant.
  • If you are working on a grant that has been awarded to a working group
    • If you are part of a working group, we also require notification of the grant  from the group leader. Include contact information for the group leader on the insurance application form and/or ask the group leader to notify Mela. Further information: Information for group leaders.

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