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Mela’s e-Services allow you to apply for insurance and claim benefits online, whenever it suits you.

Log in

You can log in to Mela’s e-Services using e-identification, which requires personal online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card. Further instructions are available on the website.

Submit applications and claims

Mela’s e-Services can be used to submit

  • Accident claims
  • Travel invoices
  • Insurance applications for grant recipients
  • Applications for changes to your grant work, such as an interruption, early termination or return to work.

Mela’s e-Services can also be used to apply for

  • Mela sickness allowances
  • Old-age pensions
  • Partial old-age pensions
  • Disability pensions
  • Continuation of rehabilitation allowances.

Send attachments

Mela’s e-Services can also be used to send attachments, such as receipts, clarifications and applications.

Attachments can be sent electronically in various formats

  1. Send ready PDF files from your computer
  2. Scan paper documents
  3. Take photos of receipts and other documents. Image files should be in JPG or IMG format. You can send photos in their original size (reducing the size may result in poor quality). Do not compress images into ZIP files.  Good quality photos are just as acceptable as scanned documents.

You can include multiple attachments at the same time. When using our e-Services to apply for benefits, you can also attach any required documents directly to the application. Attachments sent using our e-Services do not need to be signed. Logging in to our e-Services using e-identification is sufficient.

You can also send attachments by post to: Mela, P.O. Box 16, 02101 Espoo, Finland.

Change your address or bank account number

If your address has changed, you can notify Mela using our e-Services. You can also notify Mela by signed letter stating clearly your date of birth and both your former and present addresses.

You can also use our e-Services to change your bank account number or provide a new bank account number. Remember to provide your account number in IBAN format with the BIC code.

View, print and update your information

Our e-Services allow you to view information related to your Mela security, such as your insurance details, the status of your cases and information about the pensions and benefits paid to you. You can also print out insurance, pension and compensation certificates.

You can also use our e-Services to view copies of invoices sent to you since 1 January 2021 and request payment extensions online.

Check your pension records

Your electronic pension record lets you check the employment and earnings information on which your earnings-related pension is based and make sure that all your information is included and correct. When you retire, your earnings-related pension will be calculated on the basis of the information in your pension record.

Send and receive messages

Our e-Services feature a messages function that allows you to communicate with us about any of your Mela insurance matters over a secure connection.

You can receive automated notifications of messages received via our e-Services by SMS text message or e-mail. Check your notification settings under “My information”.

Contact us

Customer service +358 29 435 2650
Switchboard  +358 29 435 11

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