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Occupational wellbeing for recipients of grants and scholarships

Mela’s occupational wellbeing activities aim to enhance the occupational safety and wellbeing of our customers by providing services that support occupational wellbeing. We also fund research that promotes the occupational safety and wellbeing of recipients of grants.

Wellbeing days

Mela organises annual wellbeing days for recipients of grants with different themes each year. The programme includes a wide range of lectures concerning occupational wellbeing, as well as practical exercises and activities. Further information about our wellbeing days is available on the Mela website in finnish, on the Facebook page for recipients of grants, and by e-mail: tyhy(at)

Wellbeing days are held in Finnish.

An electronic workbook to support well-being at work for researchers with scholarships

The workbook provides support and hands-on exercises to strengthen and maintain the meaningfulness of work, manage everyday life and to utilize peer support. The guide has been written by PhD holders Sikke Leinikki, Elina Henttonen and Kirsi LaPointe, who are all experts in the field of well-being at work. The workbook was funded by Mela, and the English version was funded by the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers and Social Science Professionals.

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