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Mela’s security calculator for grant recipients

This calculator is for estimates only. Precise calculations based on your insurance information is available from Mela’s e-services.

Mela’s security calculator for grant recipients allows you to see the annual earnings that have been calculated for you on the basis of your grant, as well as an estimate for the amount of your MYEL insurance premiums, occupational and leisure-time MATA insurance premiums, and group life insurance premiums. The calculator does not take into account health insurance contributions levied subsequently by the tax administration.

The calculator also allows you to see how your annual earnings affect the amount of your old-age pension if you retire at the lowest retirement age according to your age group or if you continue working until the next age level.

The calculator assumes that your earnings level will remain the same until your retirement. To calculate the total amount of your pension, you should also include the amount of pension that has been accrued up until the end of the previous year. You can check this on your pension record or from Mela’s e-services. The calculator is intended for use by persons born before 1998. The estimate takes into account the life expectancy coefficient.

You can also calculate the amount of your Mela sickness allowance and MATA occupational accident allowance. Allowances are determined by your earnings at the time of the accident.

Mela’s security calculator for grant recipients

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