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Insurance applications

How to use PDF forms:

- Start by saving the form to your own computer
- Open the form on your computer and fill it in using free-of-charge Adobe Reader software
- When you have filled in the form, save it again to your computer and send it to us.

Insurance application for recipients of grants and scholarships

Use this form to apply for insurance when you start working on a new grant or scholarship. Fill out the form separately for each grant or scholarship if there is more than one.

Application due to a change in circumstances

This form is to be used when there has been a change in circumstances so that the insurance needs to be interrupted, for example in the case of maternity/paternity leave.

  • Application due to a change in circumstances, 4046e (pdf)

Group leader's notification

This is the form for the leader of a working group. If the grant or scholarship has been given to a working group, the group leader uses this form to inform Mela of the names of the group members.

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