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Payment commitments

Payment commitments enable you to receive medical treatment or a medical examination in advance before you have received a compensation decision. By providing you with a payment commitment, Mela agrees to cover the cost of your treatment or examination so that you do not have to pay anything. Instead, the hospital or clinic invoices Mela directly.

A payment commitment is always required by private healthcare providers before any medical procedure costing 360 euros (2024) or more can be performed (for example, an MRI or surgery).

How to obtain a payment commitment

If the physician treating you recommends a medical examination, procedure or rehabilitation that requires and is eligible for a payment commitment, explain that you have occupational accident and disease insurance issued by Mela. The physician or treatment facility will then send a request to Mela for a payment commitment together with the required medical records.

Submit a claim form as soon as possible

In order to expedite the processing of the payment commitment, always submit a claim form as soon as possible after the accident.

Provide a detailed description on the claim form of how, when and in what conditions the accident occurred. Include also the name of the treatment facility and the dates on which you have received treatment so that we can remind the treatment facility to send us the required medical records.

You will receive a payment commitment decision by post without delay once we have received all the required documents.

Payment commitment for medications

Mela can also provide a payment commitment for medications that enables you to obtain the medications you require for the long-term treatment of your occupational accident or disease free of charge from pharmacies.

If you require a payment commitment for medications, send us the prescription that specifies that the medications have been prescribed for the treatment of an occupational accident or disease.

How to submit prescriptions to Mela:

  • Electronically using our e-services
  • By post to: Mela, P.O. Box 16, FI-02101 ESPOO

Save the payment commitment and take it with you when visiting the pharmacy.

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