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Occupational and leisure-time accident insurance cover for grant and scholarship recipients

Mela's occupational accident and disease insurance covers the treatment of injuries or ailments incurred while performing grant or scholarship work and includes compulsory MYEL pension insurance.

Security for grant and scholarship recipients against occupational accidents and diseases

The occupational accident and disease insurance included in the grant or scholarship recipient’s pension insurance covers against accidental injuries caused by a sudden and unexpected occurrence during grant or scholarship work. The insurance also covers against occupational diseases caused by work.

The insurance does not cover against:

  • illness or wear that is not caused by an accident
  • accidents that occur during the course of self-employment or paid employment subject to the Business Tax Act
  • accidents that occur while performing private household tasks or during leisure time.

Read more about compensation for occupational injuries and diseases.

Mela’s occupational accident and disease insurance, i.e. occupational MATA insurance, is always valid alongside the compulsory MYEL insurance. You do not need to apply for it separately. MATA insurance expires at the same time as your compulsory MYEL insurance.

How are accidents and occupational diseases defined?

An accident refers to a sudden and unforeseen event arising from an external factor that causes an injury or illness. Typical accidents include, for example, slipping, stumbling and falling. Read more: What constitutes an accident?

An occupational disease is an illness that is likely and primarily caused by physical, chemical or biological factors at work or in other work-related conditions. Read more: What is an occupational disease?

Security during your leisure time

You can supplement your accident cover by taking Mela’s leisure-time accident insurance alongside your occupational accident and disease insurance. Leisure-time MATA insurance covers against sudden and unforeseen accidents that occur during your leisure time.

Mela’s leisure-time MATA insurance is more comprehensive than that of many private insurance policies. The insurance covers, for example, the cost of treatment, medicines and travel expenses. Treatment expenses are reimbursed without a ceiling, and compensation is also paid for permanent disabilities.

Leisure-time insurance covers against, for example:

  • accidents that occur while performing private household tasks, such as kitchen chores and home renovations
  • accidents that occur while engaged in recreational activities
  • accidents that occur while traveling abroad.

Please note that leisure-time insurance does not provide sports or license insurance tailored for sports or licensed sports activities or travel insurance.

Leisure-time insurance does not cover against:

  • illnesses
  • accidents that occur during the course of self-employment or paid employment
  • traffic injuries or accidents that are covered under other law, including motor racing accidents and accidents that occur while operating a riding lawnmower.

Leisure-time insurance is voluntary and must be taken out separately. Leisure-time MATA insurance has no age limit and is also valid abroad. However, when traveling abroad, the insured person should also have travel insurance, as leisure-time accident insurance only covers the cost of treating injuries abroad.

Applying for leisure-time insurance

You can apply for leisure-time accident insurance on the same application form when applying for MYEL insurance.

Validity and termination of leisure-time insurance

MATA leisure-time insurance is only valid together with occupational MATA insurance. Leisure-time insurance must always be applied for separately and may begin no earlier than the day after the insurance application has been received by Mela.

The insurance is valid for one calendar year at a time. If you would like to terminate your MATA leisure-time insurance, you must submit a signed notification in writing to Mela. The insurance will expire at the earliest when the notice of termination is received by Mela.

Mela may terminate the leisure-time insurance if the insurance premiums are not paid.

What do I do if I have an accident or suspect that I have an occupational disease?

If you have an accident or suspect that you are suffering from an occupational disease, seek medical attention immediately and submit a claim to Mela. Claims for occupational injuries must be submitted within 60 days of the accident.

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