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Applying for compensation

Submitting a claim

  1. Apply for Compensation

    In case of an accident at work or during your leisure time, you can submit a claim in the following ways:

  2. Provide a detailed description of how and when the accident occurred

    Provide a detailed description on the claim form of how and when the accident occurred and the reasons behind it. The fewer additional enquiries are needed, the faster your claim can be processed.

  3. The claim form must be submitted within 60 days

    Claims for occupational accidents and diseases must be submitted within 60 days of the accident or onset of the disease.

You can check the status of your claim using our e-services.

What to include with your claim form

The following attachments should be included with your claim form:

  • Medical certificate stating the work disability period
  • Copies of receipts and/or invoices paid for medical treatment
  • Copies of prescriptions and medicine receipts
  • Travel expense form or simple list of travel expenses

Attachments can be sent using our e-services or by post to:

P.O. Box 16
FI-02101 ESPOO

A travel expense form can be made using our e-services or by printing out the form from our website. List on the travel expense form any trips necessitated for the examination and treatment of your occupational accident or disease. Include copies of any travel tickets (e.g. train, bus, flight tickets), as well as taxi and ambulance receipts. If you used your own car, explain the reason for the trip (e.g. doctor’s appointment), your route and total kilometres.

Please note that claims for the following types of expenses must be submitted within one year of the date on which they were incurred:

  • Medications and medical supplies
  • Travel and accommodation expenses
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for rehabilitation
  • Additional expenses for home care
  • Compensation for loss of earnings
  • Certain items in personal use

If your recovery is prolonged, you can submit extended sick leave certificates and copies of receipts for medical treatment at a later date.

Claims submitted after the deadline

If an occupational accident or disease is notified after the 60-day deadline, compensation may be denied for the delay period.

If you are submitting a claim after the 60-day deadline, include an explanation for the delay on the claim form. All claims that are submitted after the 60-day deadline are assessed individually to determine whether the grounds for denying compensation are reasonable considering the circumstances.

Notifying minor injuries using an insurance certificate

We can process treatment expenses for an occupational accident on the basis of an insurance certificate if the injury is minor (for example, a small cut on your finger or an eye irritation) and does not cause work disability. On the insurance certificate, provide a detailed description of the injury and its circumstances and submit it to Mela without delay using our e-services or by post to:

P.O. Box 16
FI-02101 ESPOO

You can print out a new insurance certificate conveniently using our e-services . You can also request a new insurance certificate by contacting our customer service or a Mela representative.

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