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Adding a new grant or scholarship to an existing insurance policy

Grants for work lasting less than four months are usually not insured. However, if you already have an existing insurance policy with Mela, under certain conditions it is possible to insure your short-term grant or scholarship by adding it to your current policy.

Have you been awarded a grant for work lasting less than four months?

A grant for work lasting less than four months can be added to an existing insurance policy if:

  • when you receive the grant from the same grant issuer or when the work continues with a grant issued for the same work group.

In addition, the new grant or scholarship must be:

  • Intended for the same work
  • Awarded on the same day or later than the grant that is already insured

Work carried out on the new grant must coincide with your previous work or continue uninterruptedly after the end of the previous grant or scholarship period. The work must last for at least one month but less than four months.

An insurance application for the new grant must be submitted before your work under the new grant has been completed.

Explain in the application that you are applying to have your new grant added to an existing insurance policy. Include the new grant decision with your application.

You may also apply to have your new grant added to the insurance policy of a previous grant or scholarship even if the insurance has not yet been issued.

Grants for work lasting at least four months must always be insured whenever the insurance conditions are fulfilled.

Apply for insurance

  1. Apply for insurance

    You can apply for insurance for grant recipients

    Instructions for filling in application form.

  2. Fill in and sign your insurance application and send it to Mela

    If you filled in an application form on paper, you can send it to us

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