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Occupational rehabilitation in case of an occupational accident or disease

You may be eligible to receive occupational rehabilitation to help you continue your work after an occupational accident or disease.

For occupational rehabilitation, Mela provides compensation for any essential procedures required to enable you to continue your work regardless of your occupational injury or disease. If you are unable to continue your former work, occupational rehabilitation can help you transfer to a new job or profession to provide your primary source of income.

Occupational rehabilitation is only available if it is required by an occupational accident or disease that is covered by your MATA occupational accident and disease insurance. If your work disability is not caused by an occupational accident or disease, you may be eligible to receive work pension rehabilitation.

Clarification of rehabilitation need

We always assess rehabilitation needs and possibilities when processing occupational accident and disease cases.

Occupational rehabilitation support

The following support is included in occupational rehabilitation:

  • Clarification of rehabilitation needs and possibilities
  • Job and education trials
  • Job training for your former job or a new job
  • Applied education for a new job or profession
  • Procurement of rehabilitation equipment for performing your work
  • Financial assistance or an interest-free loan to support your business or profession
  • Financial assistance or an interest-free loan to procure a vehicle for travelling between your home and work
  • Costs of studies and study materials

A rehabilitation allowance may be paid during occupational rehabilitation. The amount of the allowance corresponds to that of a daily allowance or disability pension.

Continuing to work with the help of protective gear

If you have an occupational disease, a powered respirator or protective gloves may be provided as part of your occupational rehabilitation, in which case the compensation also covers the costs of using and maintaining the protective gear.

Protective gear is not provided to prevent occupational diseases.

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