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Do you have any questions regarding your insurance? We have collected on our website the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) that you can browse to find answers to your own questions.


What does MYEL stand for? Or MATA? You can find explanations for commonly used terms related to Mela insurance in our glossary.

Are you applying for MYEL insurance or submitting a claim? You can find all the applications and forms here.

Would you like to calculate an estimate for your annual earnings or insurance premiums? Are you aware of how your annual earnings affect the amount of compensation you are entitled to receive or the amount of your future pension? Use our online calculators to estimate the amount of your insurance premiums, compensation and pension.

Read more information about Finnish pensions. The service is produced by the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

If you are dissatisfied with an insurance or compensation decision taken by Mela that is eligible for appeal, you can apply for an amendment. Find out more about how to appeal a decision.

Remember, Mela’s customer service is always ready to help if you have any questions!

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