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How can I appeal a decision?

If you are dissatisfied with an insurance or benefit decision made by Mela, you can appeal the decision.

Instructions for appealing a decision are attached to the decision. Once you have appealed, Mela will clarify whether it can rectify the decision. If we are unable to rectify the decision, your complaint will be forwarded to the Board of Appeal or, in the case of reindeer herders, to the Administrative Court of Northern Finland.

Instructions for appealing an insurance or benefit decision

Instructions for appealing a decision are always attached to the decision. Please read the instructions carefully and pay attention to the deadlines.

You can submit your appeal in the ways outlined in the appeal instructions or as follows:

  • Online using our e-services. Log in to e-services using your personal online banking IDs and send files using the “Send attachments” function
  • Using Mela’s secure e-mail service. Select “Appeals” as the recipient from the list.

Please note that appeals submitted electronically must also be received before the appeal deadline.

Mela’s office hours are Mon–Fri 9am–4pm (9am–1pm on Easter Thursday and New Year’s Eve).

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