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You can use free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open publications. Publications can be ordered free of charge from our website.

Go to the basket, fill in your contact information and click on Order publications. If you would like to order more than one copy, you can change the number when reviewing your order. Publications are sent by mail to addresses in Finland.

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For grant and scholarship recipients! Pension and accident insurance from Mela (12/2019)

The brochure offers a short introduction to the insurance cover of grant and scholarship recipients. Grant and scholarship providers are encouraged to attach this brochure, or corresponding information about the insurance obligation, to their award decisions. The brochure is updated regularly, so there is no need to order more than one year’s supply at the most.

  • Mela security – Insurance for grant recipients (pdf)



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Mela security for grant and scholarship recipients

This brochure contains more detailed information about Mela's insurance cover for grant and scholarship recipients. The brochure is sent to the insured along with the insurance decision and you cannot order the brochure here.

  • Mela security for grant recipients 10/2020 (pdf)

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