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Accidents and occupational diseases

Note! Please save the empty form to your computer and fill in the information we ask for using the free programme Adobe Reader. Save the filled in form to your computer and send it to us.

It is essential that you save the form both before you fill it in and after you have done so for all the fields to be saved correctly and stay visible.

With the claim forms you can apply for compensation and notify an accident or occupational disease sustained in the work covered by the MYEL insurance. If you also have the voluntary leisure-time MATA accident insurance, the form 7062e can be used to notify an accident taking place outside work.

The claim form (7062e or 7061e) must be submitted within 60 days of the accident or the date when the occupational disease was detected. Compensation for expenses (travel costs, medicines etc.) must be claimed within one year of the date they were incurred.

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