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You can apply for insurance and claim benefits online.


You can apply for insurance and claim benefits online.

Grant and scholarship recipients

We provide pension insurance for recipients of scientific or artistic grants. In addition to compulsory MYEL pension insurance, we provide recipients of grants with both occupational and leisure-time accident insurance, Mela sickness allowance, the possibility to receive occupational rehabilitation and group life insurance. All of this put together is what we call Mela security.

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Applying for insurance

You can apply for MYEL insurance once you have received an affirmative grant or scholarship decision and have already begun or are about to begin your grant or scholarship work.

Foreign recipients of Finnish grants and scholarships

If you are coming to Finland to work on a grant that has been awarded by a body in Finland, and if you plan to live and work in Finland, check whether you have an obligation to...

What to do in case of an occupational accident or disease

If you require treatment or lose your ability to work as the result of an occupational accident or disease, you can receive compensation from Mela in the form of MATA occupational...

Changes to your grant or scholarship work

Notify both Mela and the issuer of your grant about any changes during the insurance period. Based on the information you provide in your application, we will then determine...

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