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Always add the reference number when paying your insurance invoices

Always enter the payment reference number when paying your insurance invoices. When you enter the reference number, you ensure that the payment is allocated correctly. The payment reference number (in Finnish viitenumero) is a series of numbers starting with the letters RF. You find the reference number in the bottom right corner of the bank transfer form, above the due date. Enter the reference number without blank spaces and remember the letters RF at the beginning.

Enter the payment reference number in the reference section. Do not enter the reference in the message section, this section should be left empty. Enter the payment reference in the message section only if there is no reference section or you cannot enter the whole reference in the reference section.

Start using e-invoices

You may also make an online banking agreement in your own online bank. You will then receive online invoices which already contain all the information you need when paying the invoice.

Pay invoices using the bar code

Many bank offer mobile apps where you can pay invoices with a bar code. Open the app and scan the barcode in the invoice using the camera in your smart phone or tablet. All the relevant information is transferred directly to your payment template. Make sure the information is correct and accept the payment.

FAQ about insurance premium invoices

Do you have a question about your insurance premiums? We have collected commonly asked questions and answers about insurance premium invoices. Should you not find your question in the list, please contact our insurance premium invoicing department Tel. 029 435 2690

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