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Processing of personal data by Mela for handling insurance and benefits

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that you are informed about how your personal data is processed by the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela.

This privacy statement describes how your personal data is processed by Mela in connection with the following insurance and benefit cases:

  • MYEL insurance cases
  • MYEL pension cases
  • MATA insurance cases
  • MATA accident cases
  • MATA survivor’s pension cases
  • Mela sickness allowance cases
  • Group life insurance cases

Why and on what grounds is your personal data processed by Mela?

Your personal data is required for resolving your MYEL and MATA insurance cases, as well as cases related to benefits managed by Mela. Mela processes your personal data in order to comply with its statutory obligations and for compatible purposes.

Possible consequences of non-disclosure

If Mela does not receive the information requested in connection with your MYEL or MATA insurance case, and the resolution of your claim is based on incomplete information, your insurance and pension coverage may be affected.

  • Similarly, if Mela does not receive the information requested in connection with your case, it cannot:
    confirm any voluntary MATA insurance that you may have applied for
  • resolve your right to compensation and the amount of compensation to be paid in MATA accident cases
  • resolve your right to a survivor’s pension and the amount of the pension to be paid in MATA survivor’s pension cases
  • resolve your right to a MYEL pension
  • determine your right to a daily allowance or the amount of the allowance in Mela sickness allowance cases
  • determine your right to group life insurance compensation or the amount of compensation in group life insurance cases.

Other permitted uses of personal data

Processing of benefits

If you are obligated to have MYEL insurance, your data is also used to confirm your MATA occupational accident and disease insurance and your group life insurance when you are granted MYEL insurance.

In addition, data collected from MATA accident claims is used for processing your Mela sickness allowance.

Data collected for the purpose of processing your insurance and benefit cases is also used for statistical and research purposes.

Mela may use in individual cases data collected from processing insurance and benefit cases for processing other insurance and benefit cases if the data is relevant to the other case and if the law requires that the data be taken into consideration for the case in question.

If you order or download an earnings-related pension card, Mela uses the data provided in handling the pension matter to confirm your pension rights. Mela may use the contact information you provided in your earnings-related pension application to send you the earnings-related pension card once you have been granted a pension that entitles you to receive an earnings-related pension card.

Customer communications

Mela may use your phone number to notify you by SMS text message of a new message in Mela’s e-Services in the following situations:

  • You have contacted Mela via its e-Services and Mela responds to your message.
  • Mela sends you a message via its e-Services that is related to a pending case.

If you do not want notifications by SMS text message, you may block the sending of notifications under the ”My information” section of Mela’s e-Services. If you wish, you can also choose to have notifications of new messages sent to your e-mail.

The work ability services provided by Mela are part of MYEL insurance. Mela may use your e-mail address in its customer register to provide information about work ability services in order to ensure comprehensive and timely information about these services. Work ability services include, for example, “Wellbeing Days”, “ABCs of Wellbeing” training, peer groups and webinars. If you do not wish to receive this information, you can notify us by replying to the message you received or by sending a secure e-mail via Mela’s website to tyhy(at)

Mela’s right to obtain, disclose and transfer your personal data

Mela is legally entitled to obtain and disclose data required for resolving your case.

If the obtaining or disclosure of your personal data is not legally required, you will be asked for consent that you may subsequently withdraw.

When processing your case, Mela may contact various authorities and pension and insurance institutions, for example. In cases concerning insurance for grant recipients, Mela may also contact the issuer of the grant. In MATA insurance cases, Mela may also contact various care facilities. In group life insurance cases, Mela may also contact the Finnish Workers’ Compensation Center (TVK), the State Treasury and Keva.

If necessary, your data may be transferred to EU and EEA countries, Switzerland and outside the EU based on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and international social security agreements. Based on the European Commission’s equivalence decision, your personal data may be transferred from the EEA to the UK. Further information about the obtaining, disclosure and transfer of your personal data, as well as the parties processing personal data on behalf of Mela, is available on the Mela website.

Personal data can also be transferred out of the EU and EEA under the standard contractual clauses (SCC) adopted by the European Commission: Standard clauses adopted by the Commission

You are entitled to check your data

You are entitled, if you wish, to find out what data is kept about you on Mela’s registers. You may also obtain a copy of your personal data.

You may request that imprecise or incorrect personal data be corrected. You may also supplement incomplete personal data if it is relevant to the processing of your personal data.

Personal data requests and replies are generally free of charge.

If Mela does not take action regarding your personal data on the basis of your request, you will receive notification of this within one month. If your request cannot be fulfilled, Mela will give a reason.

Restricted GDPR rights

Since the processing of your request is based on the law, you are not entitled to object to the processing of your personal data or request that data required for processing your claim be removed or transferred to another register.

You are also not entitled to restrict Mela from processing your personal data in order to comply with its statutory obligations, even if you dispute the accuracy of your personal data, if your request to restrict the processing is manifestly unfounded.

Right of appeal

If you are dissatisfied with Mela’s resolution of your claim concerning your personal data or if you consider that Mela has violated the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation in the processing of your personal data, you are entitled to file a complaint with the Data Protection Officer.

Storage of your personal data

The data required for processing your case is retained for the statutory period in accordance with the law, decree or the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

The statutory periods are as follows:

  • In MYEL and MATA insurance cases, at least a hundred years. Data concerning your MYEL insurance is retained in accordance with the time allowed by MATA legislation, as your MYEL and MATA insurance information forms a single set of data.
  • In MATA accident cases and MATA survivor’s pension cases, at least a hundred years.
  • In MYEL pension (other than survivor’s pension) and rehabilitation cases, the survival period plus five calendar years thereafter.
  • In MYEL survivor’s pension cases, the period during which the pension is paid plus five calendar years thereafter.
  • In cases related to the collection of MYEL and MATAL insurance premiums, until the end of collection and five calendar years after that, but at least ten years in accordance with MATA legislation.
  • In appeal cases, fifty years unless required for a longer period on other grounds.
  • In MATA insurance cases related to determining the amount of insurance premiums, the collection of insurance premiums, prohibitions on payment of compensation and the right of recourse of the insurance institution, at least ten years.
  • In Mela sickness allowance cases, ten years.
  • In Mela group life insurance cases, ten years.

Automated processing in Mela sickness allowance cases

Automated processing means that claims may be resolved by generating the decision automatically on the basis of data gathered from various sources. Mela utilises automated decision-making when processing Mela sickness allowance applications. Mela is legally entitled to make automated decisions in these cases.

Automated decisions are made when the processing of the application is based on data whose accuracy has been checked and when the grounds for granting the allowance are simple and formulaic. Mela makes automated decisions when Mela sickness allowance applications are submitted to Kela, which has already examined the grounds for granting a sickness allowance.

In cases in which the granting of a sickness allowance and calculating the amount require the judgement of Mela, the case is handled by an officer at Mela. You are entitled, if you so wish, to request that an automated decision you have received is reviewed by Mela. You also have the right to appeal the decision.


Mela is the controller of your personal data collected for your insurance and benefit cases.

Contact information for Data Protection Officer

You can send a secure e-mail via the Mela website. You can also call the Mela switchboard: +358 29 435 11

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