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Remember to notify accidents within 60 days

In accordance with a revision of the Farmers’ Occupational Accident and Disease Act that entered into force at the beginning of 2017, the insurance company must be notified about occupational accidents within 60 days of the occurrence of the accident.

If the injured person does not notify an occupational accident or disease within the stipulated time period, compensation may be denied for the period before notification was received.

Notifications that are received by Mela after 60 days shall be investigated to clarify the cause of delay. If a legitimate reason is found, compensation will not necessarily be denied. Legitimate reasons may include, for example, exceptional circumstances due to the nature of the injury or illness or related to work or other exceptional conditions at the time of the accident.

Notice of accident form must always be submitted

If the notice of accident form is submitted late, a reason for the delay must be included on the form.

Expenses for medications, medical supplies, travel and accommodation during the treatment or rehabilitation period must be applied for within one year that they were incurred. Similarly, compensation for items that were broken during an accident, as well as compensation for loss of earnings during medical checkups, must be applied for within one year.

The notice of accident form can be downloaded from the Mela website or requested from Customer Service.

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