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Phishing attempt in message resembling a secure e-mail from Mela: do not open e-mail

An e-mail resembling a secure e-mail message from Mela has been sent to some customers from the e-mail system of the Pirte occupational healthcare centre in Pirkanmaa. This is a phishing attempt and the e-mail in question, and especially any links it may contain, should not be opened.

Messages sent from Mela always in the format

Please note that in messages sent from Mela, the sender’s e-mail address always ends with If the address of the sender is other than, do not open the message or any links it may contain.

You can also recognise a secure e-mail sent from Mela by the “Open message” link in the message. Links to messages sent from Mela always open to the address You can check the address of the link in the e-mail message by moving the mouse over the link, or on mobile devices by pressing and holding the link. It is safe, therefore, to open messages and their links sent by secure e-mail whose sender address is and if the link in the e-mail takes you to an address that starts with

If you clicked on a link in a message that you suspect is a scam, we recommend that you delete the message and update your passwords immediately.

You can read more about the phishing attempt in the following Pirte bulletin (in Finnish)

You can read more about how to protect yourself against online scams on the National Cyber Security Centre website (in English)

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