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Is your grant work from last year still uninsured?

We have begun monitoring working grants that Mela was notified of in 2021. This monitoring concerns over a thousand grant recipients whose grants were notified to us by the issuer of the grant but who have not yet clarified their insurance obligation on their own initiative.

If you were awarded a working grant for 2021 lasting at least four months but have not yet insured your work, you must fill in an insurance application as soon as possible. By applying for insurance yourself, you can ensure that the insurance period corresponds better to the working period. You can also deduct expenses from your grant work if the issuer of the grant accepts deductions. Expenses are not taken into consideration for insurance applications made by Mela.

Insurance obligation of grant recipients

Each year, we insure approximately 6000 recipients of grants awarded for artistic or scientific work. Although most grant recipients apply for insurance on their own initiative, some are unaware that statutory pension and accident insurance applies also to grant recipients. The purpose of this monitoring is to instruct grant recipients to apply for insurance without delay. If a grant recipient has not submitted an insurance application before the deadline set by Mela, an insurance decision shall be made on the basis of the information provided in the monitoring letter.

If the issuer of the grant has not notified Mela about the working period, we generally assume that the grant work has begun at the start of the month during which we received notification about the grant. Insurance can be issued retroactively for the current and previous calendar years (2021 and 2022).

You can submit an insurance application conveniently online using our e-services. Instructions can be found on the Mela website: Applying for insurance.

You can also find generation information about MYEL pension insurance at General information about MYEL pension insurance.

Do you have any questions about insurance?

If you have any questions regarding the insurance obligation for grant recipients, please refer to the frequently asked questions on our website at FAQ page.

You can also send us a message online using our e-services or call Customer Service on +358 29
435 2625.

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