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Interruptions to grant work and MYEL insurance

If your grant work is interrupted, it may also be possible to suspend your MYEL insurance. The grounds for suspending insurance may be, for example, the birth of a child, illness or other paid employment. The suspension must be approved in writing by the issuer of your grant.

Suspending insurance is possible no earlier than four months after the start of the insurance period, provided that:

  • the grant work is suspended for at least four months
  •  at least four months of grant work remain after the suspension.

Insurance premiums are charged for the period during which the insurance is valid.

Notify Mela about any changes to your grant work

If your grant work is interrupted, notify Mela by filling in the form “Application due to a change in circumstances”. You can use the same application form if your grant work is completed earlier than expected and you do not need the entire grant amount or if you leave Finland to work on a grant abroad.

Save the form on your computer first before filling in the fields. You can fill in the application electronically using free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Application forms open in a new window. You can submit the application electronically using Mela’s e-Services or as an attachment using Mela’s secure e-mail service. You can also send the application on paper by post.

Further information about notifying Mela about changes to your grant work and instructions for sending the application form are available on our website under “Changes to your grant or scholarship work”.

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