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Has your grant work been interrupted due to coronavirus?

The changes caused by the coronavirus outbreak in different situations are raising many questions right now. Despite the current situation regarding the coronavirus outbreak, our telephone and online customer service continues to operate normally, as does the processing of applications and the payment of pensions, benefits and allowances.

We recommend that our customers contact us using our online e-Services (in Finnish and Swedish) or by telephone, secure e-mail or letter. Face-to-face contacts are being avoided, but our customer service can help you with any issues related to your Mela security by telephone.

We have compiled answers to frequently asked questions about the impact of coronavirus on insurance cover for grant recipients. We are monitoring developments and following the instructions of the government and public health authorities. We will update the information as new information becomes available.

If you do not find an answer to your question or are unsure what to do in your situation, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

My grant work has been interrupted due to coronavirus – how is my insurance affected?

If your work is interrupted after four months and for at least four months due to the coronavirus outbreak, your insurance coverage may also be suspended on condition that you obtain written consent from the issuer of your grant permitting you to interrupt your work. The terms and conditions are the same as if your grant work is interrupted due to other paid employment, illness or the like. Read more about changes to grant work.

I have been doing grant work abroad but had to return to Finland due to the coronavirus outbreak – what should I do?

If you have been forced to interrupt or discontinue your grant work prematurely in order to return to Finland, and you will not be continuing your grant work, contact our customer service so that we can review your situation.

I have been doing grant work in Finland but had to return to my home country due to the coronavirus outbreak – what should I do?

If you were doing grant work in Finland and have returned to your home country, contact Mela and check whether your insurance remains valid while you are in your home country.


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