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What is the pension record?

The pension record (Työeläkeote) is a list of all the work you have done that has been insured and for which earnings-related pension has accrued. The record shows the names of your employers, your earnings from work and self-employment as well as the pension that has accrued by the end of 2018.

You receive the record in order to be able to check your employment information. Considering your future retirement, it is important that all information about your work is correct. Your pension provider will calculate your earnings-related pension based on earnings data entered in the pension registers.

Printed pension records from Mela in October

In 2019, Mela is sending pension records by mail to the insured born in January–April. You will thus receive a printed pension record once every third year, but in addition, you can check your pension record online (in Finnish or Swedish) whenever needed. A pension record is also sent to grant or scholarship recipients if they were insured before this year (2010) and they still live in Finland.

Those who have checked their pension record online after March 2019 will not receive a printed pension record this year, regardless of the month of birth.

Read more: Check your pension record information (pdf)

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