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Leisure-time security for grant and scholarship recipients

Mela’s provides leisure-time accident insurance that covers against accidents while performing private house-hold tasks and during leisure time.

Leisure-time insurance complements your accident cover

Leisure-time MATA accident insurance complements your occupational accident insurance. An accident refers to a sudden and unforeseen event arising from an external factor, such as slipping or falling.

Typical leisure-time accidents occur while making repairs to one’s home, cleaning, working in the kitchen, shopping and exercising. Accidents that occur while practicing a sport and travelling abroad are also covered by leisure-time MATA insurance. Please note, however, that Mela’s leisure-time insurance does not provide sports or license insurance tailored for sports or licensed sports activities or travel insurance.

Leisure-time insurance also does not cover against illnesses, traffic injuries and other accidents that are covered under other law.

With accident insurance covering both your work and your leisure time, Mela provides comprehensive security for your life.

Broad cover inexpensively

Leisure-time MATA insurance provides comprehensive cover against accidents during leisure time. The insurance covers, for example, the cost of treatment, medicines, travel expenses and permanent disabilities. You are also entitled to compensation for loss of earnings.

Comprehensive leisure-time MATA insurance is less expensive than many private insurance policies.

Who is eligible for leisure-time insurance?

Grant and scholarship recipients can take out leisure-time MATA insurance if they have valid occupational MATA insurance.

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