Pension insurance

MYEL insurance is mandatory pension insurance for recipients of a Finnish grant or scholarship awarded to support their artistic or scientific activities.

According to law, the obligation to insure applies to all grant or scholarship recipients who are covered by the Finnish social security system and who have received a grant or scholarship from Finland for artistic or scientific work in 2009 or thereafter.

The grant/scholarship must be for a minimal period of four months of artistic or scientific work in Finland, and the amount of the grant/scholarship must be a minimum of 1,300 euros, which is equivalent to 3,900 euros (in 2019) when converted into annual earnings.  Under certain conditions, a grant/scholarship work carried out abroad, or by a foreign person in Finland, falls within the sphere of MYEL insurance, if the recipient otherwise is covered by the Finnish social security system for the duration of the grant/scholarship period.

The obligation to insure concerns both recipients of a personal grant/scholarship and those in a grant/scholarship work group.


Anyone under the age of 18 or over the age of 68 years, or retired on old-age pension cannot take the MYEL insurance. The obligation to insure does not concern grants or scholarships intended for basic degree studies nor grants intended only for the purpose of covering costs (such as a travel grant).


Updated 31.12.2018