About Mela

The Farmers' Social Insurance Institution Mela handles the statutory earnings-related pension and occupational accident insurance of Finnish farmers, and of those receiving a grant or a scholarship from Finland. For more than four decades, Mela's customers have included farmers, fishermen, reindeer breeders and forest owners living in Finland. Recipients of scientific or artistic grants and scholarships became Mela's customers as of the beginning of 2009.

We offer our customers comprehensive cover and wellbeing in all situations of life. The insured at working age are covered by sickness allowance and the MATA occupational accident insurance that is automatically included in the MYEL pension insurance. The occupational accident insurance can also be complemented with leisure-time accident insurance.

The insurance is statutory
Farmers’ Pension Insurance (MYEL) is mandatory for those who fulfil the conditions of the insurance. If the conditions of insuring are not met, the insurance can be taken voluntarily.

The number of Mela's customers in working life is around 62,000 and the number of people receiving MYEL pension is around 119,000.

The MYEL insurance is based on the earnings the amount of which farmers themselves can affect. Farmers’ earnings are mainly determined on the basis of the cultivated agricultural area and forest area. The earnings of fishermen and reindeer breeders are affected by working time, and the earning of reindeer breeders also by the number of reindeer. Grant recipients’ earnings are based on the amount of the grant or scholarship received from Finland.

For general information in English on Finland's earnings-related pension system, please contact the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

Mela’s field of activity, its administration and sources of financing are laid down in law. However, Mela functions as a private insurance institution. Its administration includes representatives of the insured and the State.

Each year, more than a billion euros pass through Mela as benefits for the insured and pensioners. The share of the State accounts for two thirds of the benefits paid by Mela. The insurance premiums paid by farmers cover about one fifth of the benefits. The costs of farmer’s holiday substitute services are completely covered by the State.

Customer service
Mela’s head office is located in Tapiola, in the city of Espoo. In the countryside, customer service is handled by Mela agents who advise in all matters related to Mela coverage. The agent service is free of charge. Mela employs a total of about 200 people.

In addition to the telephone service and agent services, customers may deal with matters related to their Mela coverage on the Internet.

Updated 31.12.2018