Working in countries with which Finland has a social security agreement

Finland has a bilateral agreement on the application of social security legislation with the United States, Canada, Quebec, Chile, Israel, Australia, India, China and South Korea.

If you are doing any grant/scholarship work in any of these countries, with the exception of Australia, you will need to contact the Finnish Centre for Pensions. As is the case with EU/EEA countries, the decision of the Finnish Centre for Pensions is affected by both the grant/scholarship and other sources of income.  If you receive an affirmative decision, your work will be insured in accordance with Finnish legislation. For certain countries, and always for a period of work lasting more than one year, the consent of the authorities in the relevant country is required before any decision will be given regarding the applicability of Finnish social security legislation.

If you intend on doing your work in Australia, you must contact Kela, as explained under Working elsewhere.

Updated 14.02.2017