Mela must also be notified about work abroad

You must notify Mela, when filling out your insurance application, if you intend to carry out your work entirely or partially abroad.  If the country in which you are doing your grant/scholarship work changes during the term of the insurance, you must inform Mela and either the Finnish Centre for Pensions or Kela, depending on the country in question.

The obligation to provide information when immigrating or emigrating is based on the EU’s Social Security Regulation, the bilateral social security agreements between Finland and other countries with social security systems, and the Finnish law on residence-based entitlement to social security.

It would be wise to notify Mela of short visits abroad as well, just in case you should have an occupational accident while abroad. If you are planning a more permanent move abroad for your work, you will need to submit the form Application due to a change in circumstances.

Updated 06.08.2018