Sickness allowance

If grant/scholarship recipients covered by MYEL pension insurance become ill, they have the right to apply for the Mela sickness allowance starting from the fifth day of the illness (waiting period: day of doctor’s visit + 3 days). The allowance is paid for all days of the week including Sundays and holidays.

Extended sick leave
If your sick leave extends beyond the waiting period specified for sickness insurance (day of the doctor’s visit + 9 weekdays), the payment of the Mela allowance will end and Kela will begin to pay allowance based on the general sickness insurance.  The sickness allowance from Kela is only paid for weekdays.

Amount of Mela sickness allowance
The amount of the Mela sickness allowance is calculated on the basis of the MYEL earnings, of which it is 1/514. If the amount of the allowance is less than 10.09 euro for the period of sickness payment, you will not receive any sickness allowance.

Kela uses the MYEL income as the basis of calculation
Kela also uses the MYEL earnings as the basis for their calculations. The basis for the daily allowance in 2019 will be the 2017 MYEL earnings with an index adjustment.  If a grant/scholarship recipient also has earned income or income from entrepreneurial activities (insured under YEL), these are added to the MYEL earnings when calculating the amount of the daily allowance.

If you are also employed in some other type of salaried work, you can receive the Mela sickness allowance in addition to the sick leave salary paid by your employer.

Updated 31.12.2018