Other indirect costs

Sickness insurance premium
The MYEL earnings confirmed on the basis of the grant/scholarship work will also affect many other allowance benefits paid by Kela. For this reason, you, as grant/scholarship recipient, are obliged to pay sickness insurance contributions, i.e. the medical care and daily allowance contributions, which are collected later on in connection with your final taxation. The daily allowance contribution for 2019 is 1.54 per cent of your earnings. No medical care contribution is collected for 2019.

YLE tax
The amount of the YLE tax (Public Broadcasting Tax) depends on the amount of income earned during each calendar year. Therefore, depending on your overall situation, the amount of your MYEL earnings can affect the amount of the YLE tax you are required to pay. The YLE tax is 2.5 per cent of the total of your earned and capital income or the total earnings of an entrepreneur or grant/scholarship recipient, whichever is larger, but the tax is, however, a maximum of 163 euros (in 2019).

The Finnish Tax Administration handles all enquiries related to costs charged through taxation.

Updated 31.12.2018