MYEL premium amount

The MYEL premium percentage depends on the age of the insured at the beginning of the calendar year and the amount of MYEL earnings.

In 2019, the premium percentage is 13.0140 for earnings less than 26,821.60 euros. The percentage increases on a sliding scale for earnings between 26,821.60 and 42,148.29 euros. The percentage is 24.10 for earnings in excess of 42,148.29 euros. These percentages apply to those insured who are either under 53 years or aged 63 or over at the beginning of the year.

A slightly higher premium is charged for the insured aged 53–62 due to a higher rate of pension accrual. For such persons, the corresponding percentages are between 13.8240 and 25.60.

Updated 31.12.2018