Premiums and invoicing

The insurance premiums for the pension (MYEL) and accident insurance (MATA) policies are calculated using the MYEL earnings based on the amount of the personal grant or scholarship you have received. Premiums for the statutory insurance coverage (pension, occupational accident and group life insurance) will be invoiced together.

You can use the Premium calculator to estimate the amount of your insurance premiums.

In terms of insurance policies that cover an entire calendar year, the premiums are invoiced in four instalments during March, June, September and December. If the insurance premium concerns a period that falls entirely before the insurance decision is granted, the premium will fall due for immediate payment. For policies that are valid for a maximum of six months single, the premium will be invoiced in a single instalment. The turn of the year will, however, always divide the invoicing period into two parts.

Premiums can be paid either as a single payment or in several instalments. If you wish to pay in instalments, you must contact the Financial Department (vakuutusmaksut(at) in order to set up a payment schedule.

You can also opt to pay your premiums via online banking by signing an e-invoice agreement with your bank in advance.

Premiums are tax deductible.

Example of an invoice from Mela with explanations

Updated 30.11.2017