Occupational accident insurance

The statutory MYEL insurance automatically includes a MATA occupational accident insurance, which will compensate the insured for any accidents that take place in the course of the grant/scholarship work, as well as for any occupational diseases caused by such work.

You can supplement the statutory accident insurance by taking leisure-time accident insurance, which will provide compensation for accidents occurring, for example, during recreational travel abroad or recreational activities or sports. The compensation is made in accordance with the provisions of the Employment Accidents Act. When travelling abroad, it is always a good idea to take a separate travel insurance policy.

MATA accident insurance is inexpensive considering all of its benefits.

How to claim benefits
The forms for claiming benefits are found Forms. The claim form must be filed within 60 days of the occupational accident or the date when the occupational disease was detected.

Compensation for expenses (travel costs, medicines etc.) must be claimed within one year of the date they were incurred.

Updated 30.03.2017