The validity of leisure-time MATA accident insurance

Non-occupational MATA insurance can only be taken as a supplement to a valid MYEL pension insurance. When the MYEL insurance expires, the non-occupational MATA expires as well.

Non-occupational MATA accident insurance will remain valid, however, if a new MYEL insurance period begins immediately upon the expiration of the previous period. If, therefore, upon the expiration of a MYEL insurance policy, you immediately continue your grant/scholarship work with the support of a new grant/scholarship for which you have also taken MYEL insurance, the non-occupational accident insurance will remain valid unless you terminate it separately.

If you wish to terminate the insurance policy prior to the end of the insurance period, you will need to submit a written and signed notification to Mela. The insurance will then expire at the earliest when we have received the notification.

Updated 08.03.2016