Leisure-time accident insurance

You can opt to take MATA leisure-time accident insurance if you are already insured under MATA occupational accident insurance. The leisure-time accident insurance compensates you for accidents that occur at home or during your leisure time.

Compensation is awarded for accidents if they occur during leisure activities, such as any sport, and while travelling abroad. The compensation is determined in accordance with the Farmers’ Accident Insurance Act (MATA) and the relevant insurance terms and conditions. It is recommended that you always take travel insurance before embarking on any travels abroad.

Leisure-time insurance does not compensate for illnesses. It also does not provide compensation for muscular strains caused by work movements, unlike the MATA occupational accident insurance. Furthermore, it does not provide compensation for accidents that occur during salaried work or entrepreneurial work, nor traffic accidents or any accidents that are compensated for by virtue of other laws.

How to claim benefits
The claim form is found under Forms.

Updated 30.03.2017