How do I know if I can deduct my expenses from the grant/scholarship funds?
The right to deduct expenses is determined by the individual grant or scholarship provider. This information may be in the grant/scholarship award decision or you can ask the grant/scholarship provider directly. Even if you are not sure about your right to deduct the expenses, you can list them when you apply for MYEL insurance; Mela will make a final insurance decision on the basis of the information received from the grant/scholarship provider, and will state it on the insurance decision if the provider does not allow for the deduction of expenses. 

To what extent can I include my expenses in the application?
The general rule is that if the grant/scholarship has been awarded for working and the related expenses without any specific limitations, you can state up to a maximum of half of the total amount of the grant/scholarship as expenses. Many grant/scholarship providers do, however, specify separately the amount of expenses that can be deducted.

If the grant/scholarship provider has stated that the funds are only to be used for the actual work, the insurance will be based on the total amount of the grant/scholarship.

You can state the expenses on your application to the extent that you wish Mela to take them into consideration when determining the level of your insurance coverage. When issuing the insurance decision, Mela will consider the expenses in accordance with the terms and conditions of the grant/scholarship provider and the limits imposed by the Farmers’ Pensions Act (MYEL). 

What types of expenses are considered deductible from an insurance perspective?
Deductible expenses include, e.g., materials, travel costs and work room expenses required for the grant/scholarship work.

Daily living expenses (e.g. rent, food, bus transportation), taxes or statutory insurance premiums are not considered by law to be deductible expenses.

When working abroad, however, living expenses can also be taken into consideration on the basis of an increased cost of living. 

I still don’t know the exact amount of the expenses. Can I change the amount of the expenses later on?
The level of the insurance cannot be adjusted once the decision has become legally binding (30 days after the decision has been issued). For this reason, you should complete your insurance application with the costs itemised as you want them to be considered. 

Do I need to submit receipts for my expenses?
Mela does not require that you submit any receipts or documentation related to your expenses. The itemised list of expenses presented on the application can be an estimate of the expense amounts. The essential thing is to ensure that the itemised expense list outlines the overall use of the expenses and their total sum.

Updated 12.11.2015