Determination of the insurance period

How do I determine the time for which I should apply for the insurance?

The insurance should be taken for the same period for which the grant/scholarship was awarded. If the grant/scholarship has been awarded, for example, for a six-month period, you can determine the date on which you would like your insurance to begin. The expiry date of the insurance policy will then be six months from the starting date. At the earliest, the insurance can be valid from the date on which the grant/scholarship was awarded.

If the grant/scholarship provider does not state the length of the work period connected to the grant funds, you may independently determine the duration of the grant/scholarship work and the time according to which you will apply for the insurance. 

I withdraw my grant/scholarship funds in instalments and use it to work for short periods. How will this affect my insurance?

According to law, grant/scholarship work should be insured uninterruptedly for the entire duration of the grant/scholarship, unless you have a legally justifiable reason (e.g. illness, birth or care of a child) for interrupting your work. The payment schedule for the grant/scholarship does not affect the determination of the insurance period.

Updated 12.11.2015