Decision appeals

Why does the insurance decision differ from my application?
The most common reason for differences between the application and the decision concern the terms and conditions on the period of work or use of the awarded funds (e.g. right to deduct costs) as specified by the grant/scholarship provider.

Another common factor concerns the terms and conditions imposed by legislation. Certain policies determined through legislation are binding, and Mela cannot deviate from these in its own decision-making practices. Appeal instances have also taken a stand on the decision-making practices. 

What can I do if the decision differs from my application?
Mela will state in the insurance decision if it differs from the insurance application. Before you file an appeal, you should carefully read both the insurance decision and the brochure that accompanied the decision.

If the decision differs from your application, remember to check the terms and conditions possibly imposed by the grant/scholarship provider on the use of the awarded funds. If the grant/scholarship provider has imposed specific terms and conditions, Mela cannot contradict them.

You should file an appeal if the decision contains a factual error (e.g. costs are not taken into consideration, even though the award decision allows for the deduction of costs). The appeal instructions are found on the reverse side of the insurance decision.

I want to change the information I provided in my original insurance application. How can I do that?
If you have not yet received an insurance decision, you can notify Mela of the changes by, for example, e-mail. Please use our secure e-mail service and select 'Insurance matters' as recipient of the message.

If you have already received the insurance decision, you have 30 days to appeal the decision. Instructions are found on the reverse side of the insurance decision.

Updated 09.07.2015