Also a paid job or insured as a self-employed person under YEL?

What if I also have a paid job or I am insured as a self-employed person under YEL?

Even if you are working for wages, you can also be working at the same time on the support of grant/scholarship funds. Employment pension is accrued in the same way as for two simultaneous salaried jobs. The fact that you have a paid job does not release you from the obligation to insure on the basis of the grant/scholarship work. Similarly, if you have taken out a YEL insurance policy for entrepreneurial activities, while also working on a grant/scholarship, you are obliged to take out a MYEL insurance policy for your grant/scholarship work.

If you interrupt your grant/scholarship work due to employment for at least four months, you may apply for interrupting the MYEL insurance. Also, the insurance periods both preceding and following the suspension must each be at least four months long. If the grant/scholarship work is interrupted for less than four months, the MYEL insurance will remain in force during the employment period. 

Updated 03.01.2018