Grant and scholarship recipients

The Farmers' Social Insurance Institution (Mela) handles the statutory earnings-related pension and occupational accident insurance of Finnish farmers, and of those receiving a grant or a scholarship from Finland. Recipients of scientific or artistic grants and scholarships became Mela's customers as of the beginning of 2009.

We offer our customers comprehensive cover and wellbeing in all situations of life. The insured at working age are covered by sickness allowance and the MATA occupational accident insurance that is automatically included in the MYEL pension insurance. The occupational accident insurance can also be complemented with leisure-time accident insurance.

For general information in English on Finland's earnings-related pension system, please contact the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

Vocabulary of Mela security in brief

MYEL = Statutory pension insurance for farmers and recipients of grants and scholarships.

MATA = Occupational accident insurance for farmers and recipients of grants and scholarships.

Leisure-time MATA insurance = Voluntary non-occupational accident insurance that covers accidents during time off.

Mela sickness allowance = Short-term sickness allowance that is paid during the qualifying period for sickness allowance from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

Group life insurance = Family members of MYEL policyholders are entitled to compensation in case of death.

Annual earnings = Amount of the grant or scholarship converted into annual earnings for pension purposes.

Old-age pension = Earnings-related pension that a person may apply for at retirement age. From 2017 the retirement age in Finland has been linked to the development of life expectancy. For example, the retirement age of a person born in 1970 is 65 years 8 months. The pension is paid monthly, and the amount is based on career earnings.

Updated 29.03.2017