Premium calculator

Recipients of grants and scholarships can use this calculator to estimate the amount of their insurance premiums. If you wish to find out the actual amount, as based on your insurance details, please use Mela’s e-services (available in Finnish and Swedish) or contact our customer service.

Contributions in accordance with the health insurance that are collected afterwards by the tax authorities have not been included.

The period of validity of the insurance will be determined on the basis of the working period. The calculator will give you the policy-specific premiums for an insurance for a maximum of one year. For working periods longer than one year, the calculator will give the annual premium for the insurance.
In the result, increased MYEL premium denotes the slightly higher premium paid by policyholders aged 53–62 due to their higher pension accrual. The normal MYEL premium is paid by those who are under 53 or aged 63 or over at the beginning of the year.

Please note that the premium for leisure-time MATA accident insurance is based on annual earnings of at least 14,360 euros (in 2019).