Changes in the grant or scholarship work

You are obliged to notify Mela of any changes in the work duration, usage of the funds or work country that occur during the insurance period. To notify Mela, please use the form Application due to a change in circumstances.

The grant/scholarship work and related insurance can be suspended for specific reasons, such as shift to employment, illness, the birth or care of a child, or for military or civilian service. The period of suspension and the insurance periods both preceding and following the suspension must each be at least four months long. In addition, you always need a written consent from the grant/scholarship provider.

If the conditions are met, the insurance will be suspended from the start of the month immediately following the suspension date notified by you on your application for suspension. However, the insurance can be suspended no earlier than when the insurance period has lasted for at least four months.

The insurance policy can also be prematurely terminated, if the grant/scholarship is not used in its entirety and you stop the grant/scholarship work before the ending date stated on the insurance decision. In this case, you must notify the grant/scholarship provider of this matter.

It is a good idea to make sure that all relevant information is up to date in order to ensure that you are covered appropriately in case an accident occurs or your need for allowance benefits arises. If you are working abroad, it is particularly important that you ensure the validity of your insurance in advance.

Updated 06.08.2018