Application attachments

Generally, Mela does not require that you attach any additional documents or receipts to your application.

The following situations are exceptions:

The grant or scholarship is provided for group work

In order to issue a decision concerning the insurance, we will need a notification from the group leader. You should include in your application the contact information of the group leader and/or encourage the group leader to submit the relevant notification to Mela.

The work sustained by the grant or scholarship is carried out abroad
In order to remain covered by Finnish social security, submit the relevant application either to the Finnish Centre for Pensions (EU, EEA and social security agreement countries) or the Social Insurance Institution of Finland – Kela (non-agreement countries). Additional information: Working abroad

You are a foreigner from outside the EU who is receiving a grant or scholarship from Finland
The obligation to insure concerns all grant/scholarship recipients for whom the Finnish residential-based social security legislation is applicable. When applying for MYEL insurance, make sure that you also apply to Kela for a decision as to whether or not you qualify to be included in the Finnish social security system.

You are applying for insurance prior to starting the grant/scholarship work
In order to accelerate the handling of your application, you can send a copy of the award decision to Mela.

Changes have been made to the original award decision concerning the grant/scholarship or special arrangements have been negotiated with the grant/scholarship provider
In such cases, you can send the relevant documents to Mela either as e-mail attachments or by mail.

To send e-mail attachments, please use Mela's secure e-mail service and select 'Insurance matters' as recipient of the message.

Updated 08.08.2014