Applying for insurance

When can I apply for the insurance?
You can apply for the insurance policy once you have been informed that you have been awarded a grant or scholarship, and you are about to begin or have begun the work for which the grant or scholarship was provided.

You must submit your insurance application within three months from the date on which your actual work began. If necessary, you can also file the application in advance, but please note that Mela cannot process your application until we have received a notification concerning the awarded grant/scholarship from its provider; usually this takes place upon the initial payment of the grant/scholarship.

You cannot apply for the insurance prior to mid-November for work that is due to begin during the following year.  For this reason, we advise you to wait to submit your insurance application until about one month prior to the date on which you will begin your work.

You only need to fill out one insurance application form to receive the full statutory insurance coverage (pension insurance and statutory occupational accident insurance). The same application form can also be used to apply for voluntary non-occupational accident insurance.

Under certain conditions, you can apply for insurance on the basis of grants or scholarships awarded prior to 1 January 2009. In such cases, the application must be submitted within six months from the date on which the work began.

Updated 01.07.2013