The film Spine

A cattle farmer awakes with terrible back pain. A remedy must be found, as he is to be wed to his young fiancée in just a few days. His friends propose several different measures to relieve his discomfort: his neighbour recommends a folk antidote, his best man offers him strong medication and the maid-of-honor suggests homeopathy. When the ultimate solution reveals itself, we see it was close by all the while.

Spine is a light-hearted motivational story about the importance of good work ergonomics for the farmers, especially for the young ones. The farmer's story is meant to generate discussion, encouraging viewers to ponder what they already know about the subject. The film also contains a surprising twist!

Famous Finnish professional actors bring the story to life.

Check the Safety Card - Farmer's Dos and Dont's

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The film is also available on DVD to be used, for instance, in teaching. Please contact Mela's customer service.

Producer: Amigos Media
Duration: 10 minutes
Language: Finnish
Subtitles: English, Swedish
Further information: anna-riikka.pukari(at)
Mela occupational safety DVD 2013 

Updated 27.04.2016